And so it begins..

Left Player Start
Photo credit: Brave Heart via Flickr

Gaming, both online and offline, has really been a pleasurable experience for me. I get the chance to be in different worlds, to be a hero, a villain, and to be immortal, someone indestructible in the games that I conquer — something that is not always possible in real life.

As much as I would like to live in the real world, the online world has provided so much for me. It is my escape, my own personal space where I can be what I want to be. It is a source of income as well. Writing reviews and blogging about games and tech-related consoles helps pay my rent and allows me to buy groceries, pizza actually, my favorite buddy when there’s too many challenges and villains who require my attention online.

Nonetheless, the online world is like a second home for me, a place very close to my heart and an experience that I would want to share with everyone else. Tune in as I fill this blog with a gamer’s tales.


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