Redialing your Internet Connection Repetitively: Do You Remember this?

Dialing Up Web History
Photo credit: Mike Licht via Flickr

We all went through the glitches of cumbersome dial-up connection back in the days when it is the only way we could connect to the internet. For some, the internet may not be as important as it is, but for others, this is their main source for living. Thus, the drama that comes with repetitively having to redial one’s internet connection is understandable.

Using a dial-up connection has never been so frustrating. Back then, it offers a maximum of only 56kbps. The speed is really slow that it takes several minutes to load a single page. Additionally, it takes more than an hour to download a few megabytes of file. Not only that; do you remember every instance when someone picked up the phone and your song file suddenly stops from downloading? At the same time, friends and families encounter busy signals whenever you’re using the internet.

High speed dial up
Photo credit: Wesley Fryer via Flickr

Personally, I memorized my password before because it requires a redial in connection every time I restart my computer. Likewise, the connection was always interrupted when the weather condition is bad.

But we are now in the fast-paced lifestyle. And you will be left behind if you’re still using dial-up connection. Telecom companies in Australia now provide high-speed broadband connections through wifi internet plans. It’s best to compare wifi internet plans to get the best offer and feature there is available in the market.

The bundle comes with a separate wifi modem and speeds up 20 times faster than dial-up. Here, you could place calls and receive calls while using the internet.

The internet plans were designed to suit every online routine. Choose from various bundles which are especially made for your activities. They have a fixed rate and are free to install. It includes free calls on national and Australian mobiles too.

Wifi networks allow access by multiple users at the same time. You could connect to the internet with other wifi-enabled devices so long as you’re in the same room. It is best for those who have a laptop, tablet, and smartphones.

Today when everything needs to be done quickly and easily, internet has been a large part of every individual’s life. From social media, emails, purchases, news and information, watching movies & online TV shows, paying bills and other transactions — almost everything involves being connected online. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wifi plan that will make you connected to the world, minus the drama?

For those who remember their dial-up experience, raise your hands up and let me know your story below! For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, well, count yourself really lucky. 😀


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