Fast Facts on Online Gaming History

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Online games are the topmost entertainment activity for kids and grownups. It’s a great pastime for adults and quite an obsession for younger ones. Irrespective of what people think of online gaming, most of us have been playing online games on our phones mostly to kill time. In turn, it would be interesting to know how it all started.

Back in the ‘70s, it began as a video game. MUDs were the first video game that was created in 1978. They were the predecessors of MMORPGs today. It was played in an internal network before the ARPANET was invented in 1980 which is where the Internet originated. From a simple form of entertainment, the origins of the internet have brought us into a higher level of knowledge and communication, far from what we have expected.

In 1984, the first ever role-playing game, Island of Kesmai, was created. Afterwards, Air Warrior, a flight simulator, was introduced in 1987.

The internet has become available in the ‘90s, which has also been the perfect timing for Starcraft and Counter Strike. Millions of other gaming sites sprouted in the web, taking profit from online advertising. Java and Flash gaming site have been a hot trend.

Video gaming consoles like PlayStation 2 arrived in 2000 and Xbox followed the other year. It added fuel to the online gamers when Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo unveiled the cross-platform technology. This allowed users to play over each other via online. An improvement in the connection speed has been developed to address the higher requirements in playing the cross-platform games. These developments launched the competition among these top online gaming console creators, an advantage for gamers since they are given several options to choose from when it comes to gaming devices.

TPG broadband telecom company had rapidly increased their bandwidth. As devices are ample at home, their next-gen broadband was intended for high graphical online games. It is best to check out the available TPG broadband deals before securing one to get the best possible plan available out there that will allow you to have the best online gaming experience, no matter what gaming console or device you use at home or even mobile.

As the new technology evolves, developers branched out to social games and mobile games. Today, 65% of Australian households have more than three devices for playing games such as mobile phones, tablets, consoles, or gaming systems.

In general, online games have ubiquitous platforms that span many genres. Going by the stats, the online gaming craze is likely here to stay, and develop further.


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