Tips for a Seamless Online Gaming Experience at Home

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Photo credit: Wolfgang Lonien via Flickr

One of the nicest things about online gaming is that you could play it from anywhere with people from other countries. And, of course, it would be deeply frustrating if your computer froze in the middle of the game. With that in mind, you must identify some vital aspects to enjoy a seamless online gaming experience.

I’d like to share some of the tips hardcore gamers consider to help you enhance your online gaming experience.

Upgrade your broadband.

People always make a mistake thinking they could already play online games when they have a broadband connection. It is important to note that even if you can quickly surf the internet, that doesn’t mean the connection goes well with online games. It may not have an impact upon using your browser, but it will affect your online gaming experience.

You need to know that online gaming requires a huge bandwidth to prevent system lags. A broadband connection which is lower than 5mbps is not recommended for gaming. If you have a higher bandwidth, it is much better.

Wireless modems are also a good way to extend your broadband access. The Telstra wireless modem is ideal at home settings with your system. It also works as a hotspot and allows connection of at least 10 devices.

Invest on the latest hardware.

Gaming server connects to your computer every time you play online. And you will have a smooth experience if your hardware is upgraded and reliable. Your fast internet speed must coincide with your computer. So it is essential to increase your RAM and provide a larger disk space. Make sure you have high video cards and an up-to-date processor.

Close other running programs.

The speed of your internet suffers whenever there are other programs that require internet usage like downloading of files.

You could monitor what other programs are currently using up the internet by clicking the Task Manager on PC or Activity Monitor on Mac. Similarly, turn off automatic updates from other applications as it sucks up the bandwidth.

Update your PC’s drivers.

Drivers and firmwares repair bugs in your computer whenever an unexpected crash happened. Video card drivers usually help in improving performance. Equally, it keeps your games updated as developers provide automatic fixes.

Generally, the system is the main issue. To keep off from the lag down, it would be advantageous if you will play in a game server around your geographical region. I hope these tips help you out in improving your experience for a seamless game play. If you have other ideas, let me know below!


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