8 Online Games Many 90s Kids Still Remember

Photo credit: mods-n-hacks.wonderhowto.com via Pinterest

As a 90’s teenager and gamer, I must admit that I have learned to love several online games back then. Skipping school and ditching assignments was some of the things I admittedly did to be able to enjoy my favorite online games back then. Here are some of the online games kids from the 90’s will remember.

The Legend of Zelda

The very first Zelda game is one of my favorite online games. A boy named Link tries to survive the game in order to meet the legendary Zelda. The game was released several times in 1987 including in European Countries and the US. It has been released several times after that. Even with a USB internet prepaid, one can truly enjoy playing the game.

Final Fantasy VII

Who doesn’t love and hopes to be Cloud’s interest in the Final Fantasy series. Released in 1997, the game rose to game because of its impressive game play and interesting characters. It was also the first installment of the series that was developed for PlayStation rather than the usual Nintendo system and the very first installment in the series that was ported to Windows. Movies were even adapted from this very eye-catching online game.


Hal-life is just like my favorite counter-strike only with flashier weapons and characters. Nonetheless, if you want to escape from the usual counter-strike game, you can always spend time with this war game.

Counter Strike

Play with a crowd or enjoy working with your strategy alone. This point and shoot game allows you to become the hero and excel with your tactic skills while dealing with real life players behind every character in the game. I remember during the peak of this game, internet shops would go rowdy and crazy when kids are playing this game.

Super Mario World

Super Mario is definitely an icon. From the original video game, playing it online relives the experience of the favorite plumber of all time, Super Mario. With improve graphics and levels plus interesting twists in the game play, anything with Mario in it will definitely be a hit.

Photo credit: techradar.com via Pinterest

Sonic the Hedge Hog

Sonic the Hedgehog released by Sega is one of the numerous online games that has led into several spin-off comics, animated shows and animated OVA. The blue hedgehog that manages to run un supersonic speeds and the ability to curl into a ball to attack its enemies is definitely a big hit. Up until now, kids, even those not from our generation, enjoys watching and playing games with Sonic in it.

Photo credit: Lounge.Obviousmag.org via Pinterest

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong is more like of that Super Mario, only less popular than the legendary icon. It was released in Game Boy Color, the gaming console that I fell in love with and was also released in Game Boy Advance, Wii Virtual Console and Wii U Virtual Console in 2014. Retrieve the stolen bananas together with Diddy Kong as you try to drown time during those lazy and boring weekends.

Resident Evil

Zombies, the real scary ones and the ones who can run as fast as any human can is what makes the Resident Evil online game my most favorite. Imagine the excitement and thrill brought by being one of the only few survivors of the T-Virus in a Zombie infested world. Even animals were inflicted with the virus too. Now tell me how Rick and his gang would survive something like that?


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