Modern Trends in Online Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the very active industries nowadays that has brought billions of sales for software and gaming developers worldwide. As internet speed improves and new gaming consoles developed, more exciting trends and changes in the gaming industry is expected to be released in the upcoming years. The humble beginnings of the simple video games that we enjoy back then to the online gaming platforms of today, some innovations have managed to make their mark in the history of gaming still lingers up to the present. Now, we get to enjoy these latest trends in gaming and online entertainment that makes playing online even a more lively and fascinating world to be in.

Virtual reality

Photo Credit: TimeFreePress.Com via Pinterest

What was once a dream has now become a reality – Virtual Reality Gaming. Being inside the game and playing up close and personal has become possible thanks to the newly developed VR gadgets in the industry like the HTC Vibe, The Samsung VR Gear and the Oculus Rift. 3D Technology have entered the gaming scene and the future offers an even more exciting and nerve-wrecking adventure for gaming enthusiasts.

Secondary Screens in gaming

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Handheld devices like Smartphone and tablets opened a new and booming marker in the gaming industry. The console wars between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo is very stiff and has even more intensified in the past years, rushing everyone to create a secondary gaming device for hooked online players. The Wii U Gamepad is an example that features a built-in touch screen that serves as a supplemental keypad for gaming. Microsoft has also launches the SmartGlass that also aims to enhance gaming experience in Smartphone and tablet devices.

Open Source Gaming and Game Development

Players are not limited to online games created by big names in the gaming industry. There are numerous homemade games available in the mobile market that often leads into the development of a more in depth game based on a mobile app. Expensive software development kits that are used to create games are not anymore necessary to create games.

Some console games on the other hand is considered as the development kit itself, allowing users to build a game if they wish to create one. This opportunity led to the rise of more creative game makers and a lot of free-to-play games for everyone. Monopoly in the gaming industry is non-existent in today’s gaming world.

Cloud Gaming

Thanks to faster and more reliable internet connection access brought by the best internet provider in Australia and the rest of the world, cloud gaming has become possible. This also opens the opportunity to make games easier to access just like movies and music. High-quality games are also available via the Cloud. With a stable internet connection, anyone can practically play online through their heart’s content. Cheaper games are also frequent in this type of platform.

A lot has indeed change and more changes are expected to surface, soon, in the gaming world to make online gaming an even more spectacular experience for anyone, all around the world.


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