Online Freelancing: Are You Ready to be One?

There is a sense of freedom and accomplishment that comes on being able to escape the 9-5 job. It can be intimidating at first, but jumping into the freelancing bandwagon is not a bad thing. It may take years before you can finally decide to go serious on working online, but with the life changes that you need to face during different stages in your life, taking that chance to be at home and earn a generous amount of income at the same time is a very tempting opportunity.

So when will you know that you are indeed ready to take the plunge? Here are 10 signs that will make you realize that you are indeed ready to take the leap.

Photo Credit: Career Contessa via Pinterest
  1. You have already created a network

It is important to have a reliable network before deciding to jump into the freelancing career. You need to know suppliers, contractors, have a great set of friends who understands your decision to work at home. Working at home, freelancing and online does not necessarily mean that you have to do everything on your own. Having a reliable number of contacts, both personal and professional can be beneficial as you go along your career online.

  1. You can keep manage time efficiently

This may take practice at first, but the pressure of being able to hit and beat deadlines exists even in the online world. Give deadlines for yourself and try to meet them. As you go along with your online career, you will learn to master this craft.

  1. Work does not always knock on your door

Unlike when you were still working in the office, work does not come to you at all times. As a freelancer, there will be times that you are the one who is going to find work for yourself. You need to have several places to go to get contracts or land in a job. It would be better to land on a stable online job, just like an office job, minus going to office. But, in the future, you will have to get clients on your own and establish yourself as a solo freelancer or probably, establish a company of your own in the future.

  1. You love to learn

Going freelance requires you to have sharp skills. You need to be updated with the latest trends in the online market to be able to keep up with the competition. You can get online trainings, paid seminars and other programs that will enhance your skills.

  1. You can assert on your own

As a freelancer, you do not have a manager to stand up for you when a client goes mad or haggles on a project. Yu need to know how to stand up for yourself. Know your worth as a freelancer and you should not be afraid to tell your clients about your value.

  1. Your fine with skipping vacations

Working online is not as easy as it looks to be. You’ll have to miss long trips because the place happens to have no internet access. Even if you can bring your broadband plans along, there is no assurance that you will be able to attend to the needs of your clients while enjoying a trip on the beach. You will definitely get the chance to go on a vacation, but it may take time, as soon as you have established a reliable system for your online projects.

  1. You have savings

Going freelance does not guarantee that you’ll have a very lucrative income instantly. You need to have at least enough savings to cover up for your expenses at home and your business while trying to launch your online career.

  1. You have reliable internet access

This is very essential in running a business or in going freelance online. You cannot always tell your clients that you internet access happens to have a problem during an important meeting. Get a fast and stable internet connection access. You can check out plans and bundles via Compare Broadband’s website.

  1. Your family and friends supports your decision

Let your family know the effects of going freelance. This might mean that you will be using the computer most of the time, depriving your kids with their favorite online games. There are also good things that come with being a freelancer, like always being home for dinner or being able to attend to your kids assignments. A supportive spouse will most likely encourage and motivate you to become better in your career.

  1. You love to stay at home

Working freelance at home can be lonely at times. Your spouse will have to attend to his job and the kids will be spending time at school, so you may see yourself always alone at home. But, at times, this can also allow you to focus on your work and then later on focus on the family when everyone arrives.

If you have all or most of these qualities, it may be high time to pack up your things and get going with your online career.


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