6 Online Freelancing Jobs to Get You Started

Just like many moms today, you could also be one of those individuals who seek a fulfilling career at home, working on your own schedule. You should take time to access if you really have the capacity to join the work-at-home club.

There are a lot of things to consider. What things are you good at? Can you write, do you know how to get superb looking pictures? If you feel that you have the skills that will help you launch a freelancing career online, then there are many jobs looking out for a talent like you!

But in reality, working freelance is not like a walk in the park. You should have a “no quitting” attitude, during the first stages of your attempt to get into the freelancing world. Rejection is often part of the online business. If you see rejection as a challenge and not a personal attack, then it is really due time for you to go freelance. Prepare your unlimited broadband plan and be ready to dominate the online world.

Here are some careers you can check out as you create an online career via freelancing.

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Have a knack for writing? You can start out blogging. However, this online opportunity does not immediately allow you to earn passive income. Blogging can be a tedious process for some, and for many an enjoyable and profitable career. In blogging, you need to be able to build an audience and have presence online before paid posts and advertisers would notice. However, if you manage to build a trusted and reliable blog under the niche that you are good at, paid blog posts can go as high as $100 each and advertisers can pay even bigger than that for promoting their products.

Ghost Writing

Ghost writing is writing without being credited for the work that you do. Some bloggers hire ghost writers to write for them. You can also be asked to write essays and e-books, with the agreement that your client will get full rights on the items that you have written. This is a good way to start your online writing career. You can start building your brand and presence online while taking ghost writing jobs. As you progress, you can begin self-publishing your written creations and get credits for the works that you do.

Selling Stock Photos

Photos, unique and stunning ones is a must have for bloggers and websites. Earn from your talent in photography by selling your photos online. There are many websites that pay for photos. You get a share for every sale that the stock photography website gets from your submissions.


Earn income online while teaching. Some foreigners hire individuals who can teach them English. Some students require tutorial help from their subjects. Freelancers who are engaged in these kind of projects are paid by the hour.

Online Selling

Have a product to sell? Sell them online. The online market is the biggest target market there is when it comes to selling. You just need to have a good product, an online website and marketing strategies to reach out to your clients and customers and to make your brand be noticed online.

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Editing and Proofreading

Are your grammar skills impressive? You can edit and proofread someone else’s written work. Apply as an editor or proofreader in online news websites to make a good income out of your skills. Proofreaders can earn at least $550 a month for doing editing works for a few hours in a day.

You can really make your freelance career possible with these jobs that you can try out online. Again, you should be ready to try and try and explore the possibilities and careers that will work for you as an online freelancer.


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