Quick History on Video Games

Video games like many other things have provided a different experience and outlook to people that are engaged into it. It has given most players an escape, into a place they can rule and call their own, or in a place where they can be someone else and become victorious against the battles that comes before them. Players and gaming enthusiast are indeed pushing through it and enjoying each innovation video games and the latest gaming consoles has to offer. Game experience is what gamers love most. But, before all of this hype and excitement on video games it had its humble beginnings too. And many will be surprised with how simple this complicated yet fun virtual world had begun.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed via Pinterest


It all started with Willy Higinbotham, a Physicist who made the first ever video game at the Brookhaven National Library in Upton, New York. This first ever video game was similar to a table tennis game and was played first on oscilloscope.

From this humble beginning, the video games industry grew and evolved into a more interesting world as new creations by Steve Russell (Spacewar), Ralph Baer were introduced in the gaming market. They created the first interactive games, the Computer Space, that became the first ever arcade game.


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The first home video game system has been showcased and introduced in a public release happened in Burlingame, CA. The birth of Atari also happened in the year 1972 where their first ever game was also launched, the Pong – a Ping-Pong game.

The innovation and the introduction of various video games went through after that.


The first ever 3-D game was created during this year. Battle Zone is a virtual battlefield game spree and was even utilized by the U.S. government for training and tactical purposes. Pac-Man was also introduced by Namco during this decade and instant hit selling over 300,000 units.


The birth of the popular game Tetris came during this year. It was developed by a Russian programmer Alex Pajitnov and during that time it can be played on a Personal Computer or PC.


buzzfeed gameboy
Photo Credit: Buzzfeed via Pinterest

This year marks one of the biggest leaps in the gaming industry after Nintendo managed to release its first handheld gaming device, the GameBoy that was sold for $109 during that time.

As a new decade came in, the 1990s has been field with more advancement and offered even more exciting and advance games for video game players.


Photo Credit: 9gag via Pinterest

Sony released the first ever PlayStation to the United States with retail price of $299.

The 1990’s was actually the mark of the development of new technologies and software used to create a better experience for gaming enthusiast. The internet was already available during this time and TPG plans and other internet services made it possible to play video games online, together with friends and even against players across the globe. Since then, there was no turning back for the gaming industry and the release of the latest gaming consoles, both handheld and not became unstoppable.

At present, games can now be accessed and enjoyed even while on the go with the use of mobile devices and Smartphones. Virtual reality is already at its peak and is about to hit the gaming industry by storm very soon. Imagine what the gaming industry has to offer in the decades to come. Every gamer would definitely be exhilarated with excitement just thinking about the possibilities that could happen.


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