Organizing and Sticking to A Schedule While Working Online

Sometimes, when you are already working online for quite some time, you tend to have this feeling that you can do a task faster than you could way back. You would often times experience a degree of procrastination. This of course is not helpful in your career and is not helpful if you would want to grow as a professional.

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No matter how fast your internet service or even if you have iiNet mobile plans at home, the lack of discipline to organize and stick to a schedule can prove to be detrimental for your online career. Procrastination is almost equivalent to laziness and once laziness overshadows you as a professional, you might end up missing deadlines, losing clients and getting a negative image as a professional online.

Yet, there will be times that working online can be so stressful and escaping for a few hours seems to be necessary, a way to cut the slack and enjoy a few minutes of rejuvenation. However, if not applied correctly, your short breaks can break opportunities and severe ties with the clients that are looking forward to a productive result from you.

Here are some ways on how to stay organized and how to stick to your schedule, without stressing you out as an online professional.

Make the first hour of the day productive

As soon as you sit in front of your PC, allot an hour or o for work. Check emails, attend to client calls and finish that report due for today. No matter how tempting it may seem it is to check you Facebook account or your other personal social media sites immediately as you sit in front of your PC, consider not doing it until you have productively done something for the day. You can always consume your 5 minute breaks browsing through your personal stuff online.

Be more aware of yourself while working

What distracts you while working? Which tasks do you find hard moving forward with? What are the things that stress you out? Knowing these things allows you to address these issues and create solutions to the problems that you have while working online. Difficulties and challenges will always be there, you just have to be aware of these problems and the solutions to them.

Block distractions

Distractions can consume your energy. It would be  better to use this energy productively by working rather than spending it with insignificant things. Thus it is really important to stick with your schedule while working. No matter how tempting it may seem to sleep once 3pm strikes the clock, constantly remind yourself that you need to work hard on a task before you get to enjoy a reward. Work and then later on reward yourself.

Embrace imperfection

Do not feel discouraged if you are having a hard time focusing at work or in following a system. Rome was not build in a day. You are not a machine and from time to time, your imperfections as a human being will show. Take baby steps if necessary than big leaps that will bring you to even more disastrous results. The mistakes that you experience along the way are the lessons that will help you become a better person in the future.

Different people have different approaches when it comes to sticking with a schedule when working online. No matter what your differences are, the efforts that you do to be able to improve yourself and continuously develop your skills as an online freelancer is what matters the most.


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