Dealing With Procrastination and Other Distractions on Your Online Work

Working online at home can be a challenge if you haven’t managed to achieve the level of commitment and discipline when it comes to completing your work. If you still experience distractions and lack of focus while doing your online work, it is safe to say that you are not yet at the maximum level of productivity you are capable of doing while working online.

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to focus, a quick distraction can stray you away from your productivity and your daily schedule. Here are some of the tips you can apply to be able to get down to business and focus on what matters the most in your business.

Schedule your day

Whether you are using your phone to organize your daily activities or whether you write notes on a notebook, knowing that you have a series of tasks to finish in a day helps you to get more focused. Schedule all your activities if possible including breaks, lunch time or even your Yoga class. Being able to know how you spend your time by crossing out the items that you have managed to finish and knowing the tasks that you fail to do allow you to do necessary adjustments on how to work on finishing all your daily tasks efficiently.

Work on one task at a time

Go full screen instead of having several windows open on your PC. Focus on one task and then later on move to another if you are already done with the first one. Turning of windows that can distract you from your work like social media sites helps you to focus more. The fewer things you open, the less distraction you will have and the most likely you’ll be able to stick to your schedule.

Turn of excessive notifications

Go on “Do Not Disturb” mode on Skype or turn of email notifications that pops-up your computer screen to focus more on the current task that you are doing. Once done, you can insert a 5 minute break to check with your emails or private messages to see if something needs your immediate attention. Your phone in silent ringtone would also allow you to block distractions while staying focused on your tasks.

Track how you spend your time

There are many free online software time trackers that can give you a report on how you spend your time online or measure the amount of time you need to finish a task. By the end of the day, you will get a glimpse of the things that you should not be doing or should be spending less time with to be able to finish your work in a day. Knowing where you are wasting your time allows you for adjustments and improvements in the future. Getting Optus broadband would also be necessary to be able to prevent downtime caused by unreliable internet access or slow internet speed.

Break down your tasks

Some tasks can take up a day before you can actually finish them. This does not mean that you should be spending all your time in front of the PC and skipping meals and other household activities just to finish a certain job. Divide that one big task into smaller tasks to be able to enjoy a breather every now and then throughout the day. Spending too much time on a task can be boring or can use up all your energy. Take breaks when necessary.

Train your brain to focus

To do this, allot a specific time of the day where you should be diligently working continuously without distractions. You can set your 1pm-3pm as your time for focused work. Do this on a daily basis and you will see in a week or so that your brain and your body have already managed to stay focused working on these time slot. You can segregate focus time all throughout the day and practice it on a daily basis to see your brain adjusting.

Being able to deal with the distractions at work, online and offline may take time to master so you do not have to be too hard on yourself. Aim for simple changes every day and as you look back in a month or so, you’ll see how far those daily changes have helped you in your efficiency at work.


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