A Deeper Look Into Snapchat and How it Can Help in Your Marketing Efforts

Since its creation, Snapchat has already managed to reach over 100 million people that use the app for free, mostly to have fun and express themselves. With security and privacy taken seriously, one can definitely enjoy the unique feature of Snapchat which deletes the history of your snaps, in 24 hours, leaving you less worried of the after effects of those times of weaknesses you might have shared online.

Snapchat is currently on the spotlight nowadays after supporting Apple in the privacy issue that it is dealing with the FBI. The FBI would want Apple to re-engineer their products so that the government can access a backdoor into the phone. The FBI had to ask for Apple’s engineering assistance to unlock the iPhone that was used by Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the terrorist behind the San Bernardino attack. With privacy considered as one of the main feature of the social app, it is not a surprise to see Snapchat supporting Apple in this.

So what is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a video and photo editing app that enables the user to send photos and videos called “snaps” and when received and viewed will vanish or self destruct after more or less 10 seconds.

With an estimated 6 billion views at a daily basis and an approximate total of 100 million active users with 26% coming from the United States alone, the “social” app can be a very powerful marketing tool. When used correctly the possibilities for a unique marketing strategy are endless! What’s more is that it is said to make the user connect with his circle at a personal level through the messaging app where adding a doodle, lens graphic or caption is made possible. Your unlimited broadband is definitely utilized to the maximum with Snapchat and the applications that comes with it.

Photo Credit: Social Concepts via Pinterest

How can SnapChat be used in marketing your product and brands online?

A total of 77% of Snapchat daily users in the US are college students with 58% of that margin having the possibility of purchasing a product or service if ever they received a coupon via the app. People behind Snapchat say that the average age group that uses the app is between 12 years old to 34 years old.

Thus the demographic group present in Snapchat is the people with the capacity to pay and people that are most likely into the products that the internet offers today.

Hosting any event and making it known has never been this easy.  As a prime example the app was used by the NBA for picks for the All-star games, Finals and draft picks.

Since the images or videos received only last a few seconds it is sure to create quite a kick to the users as a teaser. One can connect to a user anytime anywhere. One can present an image/video in a corporate manner but with a twist of fun, color and action. Powering up the app even more is adding incentives to encourage users  to retweet, like, comment or share for a much bigger prize.

Another great idea that can be done to market your brand and products in Snapchat is by creating Snaps for discounts and coupons you offer. In less than 5 minutes, one can create a convincing and most likely converting Snaps featuring this one time offers for clients.

Snapchat offers a new venue where your brand or product can create a following and potentially grow its market. When used correctly, Snapchat may offer an exciting new venture for you and your business.


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