All in a Days Work: My Life in A Day as Freelancer

I spend most of the time online and believe It or not, I do this practically every day. Even on the weekends when people should be resting or enjoying time with their family. I am not complaining, because I get to spend time with my family and friend as well, but staying plugged and updated online is something I am used to doing ever since I started working in this field.

Photo Credit: House of Turquoise via Pinterest

So how do I spend a typical day? Here is how it goes.

I am a morning person so I am usually up around 5AM, 5:30 being the latest. I usually open up my laptop before heading to the bathroom to clean up and dress up to jog. I usually run for an hour in a trail that I have been running around for years now. At 6:30AM, breakfast is already ready at home, thanks to my lovely wife and we’ll get to eat and talk about our plans for the day together with the kids. By 7, my wife would leave together with the kids to drop them to school as she goes to work. I on the other hand would take a quick shower and would read dress up before sitting in front of my PC by 7:30.

Checking e-mails would be the first thing in my agenda for the day. After jotting out notes and knowing what to prioritize, I would work on one task to another. I got this Optus packages a while ago which really helped me out with my internet speed need at home so everything has been in order and on schedule for quite some time.

By 10 AM, I would be going out picking some groceries that I pre-ordered online allowing me to stretch my legs for a while. After 30 minutes or so, I am back in front of my PC working. I am usually the one that prepares for lunch since I am only the one left at home besides our dog. On light load days at work, I would go as far as preparing steak for lunch, but on my hectic days, I would just grab a salad and a big sandwich that I can whip up around 10 minutes or so.

The kids would start to arrive one by one by 3PM and I am almost done with the daily tasks that I have at work. I’ll be whipping them a nice sandwich by this time around. At 4pm, I start doing my emails and notes for tomorrow’s schedule and then would go browsing in my social media before 5om strikes. By this time, I will be busy helping the kids with their home work or just talking with them while I prepare for dinner. At night, we would all go bond over a movie or play video games while waiting for my wife to arrive. By 9pm or 10pm, I’ll be off to bed as well as the rest of the family.

Some may say that my schedule seems so ideal and that I am lucky to be able to be job free by 5pm. It took me a long time to achieve that. I had to discipline myself and remind me of my priorities for three years before I achieved such schedule. However, there would be days when the kids are sick and I have to look after them while working, visitors would suddenly pop in, or I have to attend to an event or so. However, with time management and the right tools for the business, every day becomes less and less stress free for me, working online at the comfort of my home.



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