Online Freelancing is the Future of Work

A decade ago, not a lot of people are doing online freelancing simply because there was very limited platform for it. Working online seems to be impossible due to the poor internet connection and the lack of opportunities on the World Wide Web. But in today’s age, you will notice that there is an increase in the number of freelancers. And few years from now, we are sure the number will change positively once again.

And this is not a mere assumption. There are studies and theories to back it up. Here are some of the reasons why online freelancing is on the rise.

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Photo Credit: Designed with Carla Aston via Pinterest

Short Term Assignment

In the years to come, companies will offer short – term assignments which would not require regular employees. And with the emergence of technology, they could easily pick freelancers through online platforms, which by the way, is helping shape these freelancing world. Hiring freelancers also allows employers to save on employee benefits, something they are not required to offer to contractors and agencies that are working for them.

Online Platforms for Freelancers

You see, there are a lot of online platforms for freelancers. And the employers are aware of this. They want fresh minds and an outsider’s perspectives for most of their projects. And that’s the reason why there are a lot of well – established companies who are looking for freelancers with great portfolio which can be seen online. TPG Australia for one offers several opportunities for rookie and professional freelancers working online.

Cheaper for Business Owners

Business owners are aware that it is cheaper to hire freelancers for some of their tasks. After all, they wouldn’t be mandated to pay statutory benefits. But then again, we have to remind freelancers that they need to settle their taxes and government bills. Getting freelancers instead of regular employees also ensures employers that they are getting the best service available out there for the limited budget that they have.

Co – Working Spaces

There’s also a booming business for co – working spaces. Most businessmen are investing on such because they see the freelance industry to boom sooner or later. And do you know what their selling point is? This co – working spaces always brag about their fast and reliable internet connection. Which brings us back to our point that online freelancing is getting bigger.

Is it safe to say that online freelancing is the future of work? There’s a big chance. As for you, prepare for it so you can ride the flow and earn on a freelance basis.



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