Latest Video Games Dominating the Web

I love video games. There is a personal satisfaction in me whenever I succeed in playing against a fierce opponent online or when I reach a new level. This year, I am pretty excited with VR gears coming out as well as new releases I look forward to this year.  Several games for PC, PS4 and Xbox One are about to shape the online video gaming world even better.

Here are some of the latest video games that are about to dominate the web this 2016.

Star Fox Zero is one of the games I look forward to this year. According to news, it will be released April this year. The video game available for Wii U has already been announced to be available for pre-order on Amazon and GAME. What I love about this video game is the main characters resemblance with Rocket, one of the main casts in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Nintendo will be releasing the 6th installment of the Star Fox series this 2016. It was supposed to be released on November 2015, but sadly was moved to this year for April. Nonetheless, with the extra anticipation that came with the delay of the release of the game, I could not help myself but become more excited.

The possibility of having a Final Fantasy VII remake also makes my gaming fuel pumped up for this year. Everyone is already taking and looking forward for a remake and a new release of the game. A latest release for Metal Gear Solid is also one of the most anticipated games speculated to be released this 2016. Hideo Kojima’s legacy is not yet over and Sony fans like me are hoping for something new from this game series. My current Telstra wireless modem at CompareBroadband at home will definitely hook me up with the latest news and gossips about my favorite games online.

Sequel games are also one of the common denominator among the anticipated games for 2016. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of them. Now we get another chance fighting against the aliens and finally winning this time around in the second installment of the series. But with these games still unavailable, I’ll keep myself busy with Witcher 3 for now.

I just can’t contain my excitement in the upcoming release of these video games. I am practically ready to give up some dough to secure copies of these games as soon as they hit stores.


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