Dealing with Comments on Your Blog: Both Positive and Negative

After battling with yourself on whether you should go for it or not, finally you have gathered all the confidence to start your own blog. With trembling hands and sweaty palms, you have managed to publish your first blog entry. Just when you are enjoying the feeling of accomplishment, panic strikes.

home decorators collection

Photo Credit: Home Decorators Collection via Pinterest

What will people comment about my blog? Will they like it?

These are just few of the questions that started rushing into your head. Stop and try to relax. Take a deep breath. Read on for some how to’s in dealing with different comments, may it be positive or negative.

Respect begets respect.

As the Golden rule says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So treat everyone with respect, hoping that they would respect you and your blog in return. Being respectful and nice even to the rude comments gives you a sense of professionalism, and that is good.


Acknowledge every point that a commenter makes. If it’s positive, say thanks. If it’s negative, acknowledge still. If the commenter really has a point, say it. Everybody likes to hear they are right and you may never know what you can learn from conversing with them. Hey, maybe your conversation can spark a brilliant idea for your future blog entries.

Ask questions.

If you can, you should ask the commenter why he feels that way towards your blog. If it’s positive, most of the time it is because they can relate to what you have written. If it’s negative, you might have opposing ideas on the issue. You can try asking them, have a healthy argument if you can and for sure you will both learn something from each other.

You see, we are now in the era where cheap unlimited broadband internet exists and where everybody is free to express their opinions on whatever publicly shared posts they find. It goes both ways, as you can share your thoughts and experiences publicly thru your blog. They may love it, or hate it. Just keep in mind that whatever comment you see in your blog, those are their issues. Please do not make it yours. Smile and keep on blogging.



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