Email Marketing Trends that Emerged in 2016

The year is almost about to reach its end and we cannot deny the fact that technology and the internet has indeed come a long way. Marketing strategies continues to change and emerge and more and more businesses are leaning into a virtual platform. Here are some of the marketing trends that emerge this year that in one way or another caught your attention.

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Photo Credit: This is Why I’m Broke via Pinterest

Mobile is now the principal device for email opening

With tons of mobile devices available in the market, people have already changed the way on how they connect to the internet. Until last 2015, about 49% of emails are opened through mobile devices and the percentage continuously increased as the first three quarters of 2016 came. Mobile access and opening emails on mobile devices have already outnumbered desktops by a very huge margin. With millennials known for being on-the-go and majority of mobile and internet users today, we can expect an enormous increase in this aspect before the year ends. Home phone and internet deals are also coping with the changes that this revolution has started.

Emphasis on personalization

Real time marketing is becoming more popular nowadays as technology opens new platforms and becomes more agile on providing feedback to its users. Email recipients are now more receptive to messages that are personally addressed to them according with their taste, focus areas and preference. Chances of engagement becomes bigger as well as business conversion by tapping into the personal attributes of their target market.


Photo Credit: Mashable via Pinterest

Video and animation content

Video and animation through email will continue to become significant marketing strategies in the months to come. This type of content can easily catch a subscriber’s attention and the dynamic elements of the videos enhances the possibilities of a click through tremendously.

Social media and email marketing will become more intertwined

Social media and email marketing will become partners in advertising and marketing rather than competitors. To be able to make one’s social media efforts taken as serious business, tapping into email marketing will be considered tremendously. Incorporating new designs and approach into email with social media integration will make these two marketing platforms even more connected.

Interactive emails

As emails becomes more personalized, it also being worked to become more interactive for its users. Again, real time marketing strategies have higher chances of conversion. By providing a platform that makes emails interactive, traffic and business conversion improves. Animations added to an email can encourage recipients to click and creates a lasting impression. Leaning into this creative marketing campaign will most likely ensure high click through rates.

Focusing to a more personalized and interactive approach in marketing will help in making your marketing strategies work and stand out. With how digital marketing is changing, addressing these emerging trends can help boost and improve the results of your marketing efforts.


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