How 10 Million Devices Took Down the Internet

The internet is a major player when it comes to businesses, communication and social media. Being a vital platform that connects people, the internet has indeed come a long way from what it was during its early years. However, the changes in the internet has also led to a few inconveniences like hacking, phishing and cyberattacks.

One of the latest cyberattacks that surprised the internet was last Friday, October 21 where 10 million devices were coordinated using a single computer code to take down the internet.


Photo Credit: letalknow via Pinterest

Dyn was the company who had to endure the massive attack. Based on several reports online, there were 10 million distinct IP addresses that were commanded by a single computer code to be part of a botnet that caused a widespread problem for the users trying to access several major websites.

The attacked used a single piece of code that cobs through the wifi internet looking for connected devices with weak security. After locating these IP addresses, they were hijacked and were used to distribute DDoS attacks. A DDoS or distributed denial of services attack uses a heavy flow of traffic to be able to target and disrupt a specific system making them unusable and inaccessible. Dyn is already back to normal but further investigations about the attack are being executed. The company is also on the lookout and monitoring for the possibility of another attack in the future. Most of the devices used to proceed with the attack were digital video recorders and webcams.

The attacks affected Twitter, Paypal, Spotify and other customers under Dyn, an infrastructure company in New Hampshire that acts as a switchboard for internet traffic. The outages began in the Eastern United States and then spread to other parts of the country as well as Europe.


Photo Credit: ITProPortal via Pinterest

Other internet destinations such as Mashable, CNN, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal was inaccessible. Yelp and other businesses hosted by were also affected by the attack. This in history has been one of the largest attack on the internet.

It is quite saddening to see such talents being used to inflict chaos and problems to companies and internet platforms that offers nothing but the best they service they could for internet users. With the tremendous amount of benefits the internet provides came several malicious programs and illegal activities on the internet. Hopefully, in the future, these negativities would be eliminated and the talented individuals would use their knowledge in more productive things for the betterment of many.


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