Mobile Becomes the Top Source of Traffic Worldwide

Researches revealed that around 51.3% of internet usage last month came from mobile devices compared to the traffic coming from desktop which is around 48.7%. What does this mean and why it is a significant change that can dictate the future of online.

People are increasingly accessing the internet from their smartphones and tablets more often than desktop computers for the first time in history worldwide as indicated in the StatCounter Global Stats this October 2016.

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Photo Credit: Go With the Wynns via Pinterest

This shift to mobile becomes more possible thanks to broadband plans that makes it possible to access the internet through mobile. This has been predicted several times already but now, it is finally happening. More queries are already coming from mobile as well as reported by Google and the consumption of mobile devices for consuming digital media has also accelerated in the past years.

What does this mean?

This mean that if you are in the online industry, you should start planning for your mobile marketing strategies and research on the things that would help your business become successful mobile. If you do not have a mobile strategy yet, or if you do not have plans of having one, you might want to rethink because your current organizational setting might have a rough future.


Photo Credit: Petit Invention via Pinterest

Transcending to becoming mobile-friendly is indeed the best step any business should take into to be able to increase their chances of staying and becoming a successful business. Google is now even prioritizing mobile pages and should be enough basis for enterprises to fully embrace mobile.

In some places in the US and the UK, some businesses are still prioritizing desktop over mobile. UK market rates access through desktops at 55.6% and tablet access measures at 44.4%. However, with UK’s exit to the European Union focusing on desktop might be problematic. UK businesses should seek more in trading outside the EU and consider making effort in mobile to be able to expand their business and stay in the market.

Countries are also starting to test technologies that enables 5G mobile networks, thus making the use of mobile devices in accessing internet likely to increase even more.

Knowing where your general market comes from –  mobile or desktop is also a dictating factor in deciding which side to tackle on when it comes to your marketing strategies. However, with google paying more attention with mobile engagement, it would be wise to invest more in becoming a mobile-friendly website without having to forget about the marketing strategies and efforts that you put into your website’s desktop version.


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