The Limitless Advantages of Leased Broadband Plans

There are many things the internet provides and a multitude of ways on how to access it. Having a way to connect to the internet, whether at work at home or in a coffee shop has now become more of a necessity than it was before. Among the different ways to access the internet, broadband seems to be the most popular among them.

However, internet leased lines are the most preferred type of broadband connection most especially for large organizations like colleges, corporate offices, BPO, hospitals and even shopping malls.

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Internet leased lines are dedicated internet lines that offers a direct connectivity to the internet. To make the explanation simple, leased broadband plans offers a faster and more stable internet connection compared to Wi-Fi and mobile internet access. Leased lines are connected by the service provider to the nearest nodal point with a dedicated copper line, radio links, fiber cable or any combination of the three.

Here is another set of reasons why internet leased lines provides limitless advantages to its customers.

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  1. Internet leased lines offer the same speed for uploading and downloading data. This is referred to as symmetric connectivity. However, in broadband connections through DSL technology, the speeds when downloading is faster than the upload speed. Symmetrical connectivity is very important in file sharing among two branches, mail servers and hosting websites. VoIP and video conferencing also favors symmetric connectivity most especially in large businesses and corporations.
  2. Broadband connectivity is shared unlike leased lines that offer the same performance without sharing. Broadband plans offer a pre-set bandwidth level. A 2Mbps broadband plan is shared among its users while a 2Mbps leased line offers the same performance but without sharing. In short 5-10 user shares with the pre-set bandwidth of broadband plans while leased lines enjoys the same speed with a dedicated connection.
  3. Internet leased lines are more reliable because their network and performance parameters can be monitored. This is why most leased lines offer SLA’s or Service Level Agreements to their clients. Broadband plans rarely offers such, does the customer has no guarantee on how their internet access will perform.
  4. Wider bandwidth options and higher bandwidths are available in leased lines. Higher bandwidths that can go as high as 8 Mbps is what leased line offers. Broadband plans are more restricted unlike leased lines that can cater hundreds of internet users without compromising speed and bandwidth. This is because the lines are provided through multiple data that gives better fault tolerance, monitoring abilities and better performance especially with higher bandwidths.
  5. Leased lines also offers unlimited usage enabling companies to add service like VoIP and video. A pool of permanent IP’s are also provided with the leased line allowing the use of several mail servers, web servers and other applications. The quality of service and customer support is also better with leased lines compared to broadband plans. Although it comes with a relatively higher price tag, it is a wise investment and a must tool for big businesses and companies that utilized the internet and its services.

Broadband plans have their advantages as well like wider reach, mobility and lesser cost. However, for a more dedicated and reliable internet service, leased lines are the most preferred choice for larger company that requires larger networks and has a significant number of internet user bases.


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